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Tampiqueña Image


marzo 21, 2019

For 4 people

  • Prep: 1 hr
  • Cook: 1 hr


For the rajas with cream:

½ cup oil

1 onion

6 poblano peppers

½ cup of Mexican cream

Seasoning of fine herbs

For the enchiladas:

½ cup oil


Red chile sauce

Fresh cheese

For the meat:

Beef steak


For the rajas with cream:

1Cut the onions into slices

2Cut the poblano peppers into slices

3Pour oil in a pan and add the onions

4Add the slices of poblano peppers and let them cook together

5Add the cream and seasoning of fine herbs and mix

6Let cook

7Set aside

For the enchiladas:

1Pour oil in a pan

2In a separate bowl, dip the tortillas in the red chile sauce and then place them in the pan

3Let the tortillas fry a little on each side and set them aside

4Add the fresh cheese and fold the tortillas

5You can add more fresh cheese and cream on top of the enchiladas

6Set aside

For the meat:

1Season the beef steak with salt, pepper and seasoning of fine herbs

2Add the beef steak to a pan and cook each side for a few minutes

For the plating:

1On an oval plate, add the rajas with cream, enchiladas and the meat

2Your tampiqueña is ready!

For 4 people


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Tampiqueña Image

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