Rice pudding Image
Rice pudding Image

Rice pudding

marzo 21, 2019

For 4 people

  • Prep: 40 mins
  • Cook: 40 mins


1 cup rice

2 cups water

Cinnamon sticks

1 can condensed milk

8 cups milk

Sugar to taste (we recommend ¼ cup)

Cinnamon powder to taste


1Let the rice soak overnight so it is ready to prepare in the morning

2Caramelize the sugar in a pan

3Prepare the little containers where you will serve the rice pudding and cover the bottom of the containers with the caramelized sugar

4Drain the rice

5In a pot, add the rice along with the cinnamon sticks, milk, vanilla, salt and baking soda and boil for 40 minutes, mixing constantly

6Pour the condensed milk into the pot as well and boil for 45 more minutes, mixing constantly

7Serve the rice pudding in each container on top of the caramelized sugar

For 4 people


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Rice pudding Image

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