Sweet Peanut Tamales

Sweet Peanut Tamales Image
Sweet Peanut Tamales Image

Sweet Peanut Tamales


noviembre 21, 2017

  • Cook: 40 mins



1 1/3 cup sugar

8 oz shortening

4 tbsp peanut butter

3 cups corn masa

2 tsp baking poder

3 tbsp raisins

4 tbsp peanuts

Corn husks


1Soak the corn husks in a bowl of warm water

2In a large bowl, beat the butter, sugar and shortening until fluffy

3Add the peanut butter and mix again

4Add the corn masa in portions while mixing

5Add in the baking powder and mix until fluffy

6After everything is thoroughly combined, check to see if the dough is ready by taking a teaspoon of dough and dropping it into a small container with water, if it floats to the top, the dough is ready

7Remove the corn husks from the bowl of water and drain

8Spread the dough onto the corn husk, about ½ inch in thickness

9Fold the sides of the husks in towards the center and place in a steamer

10Steam the tamales for 45 mins or until fully cooked

11Unfold the tamales and enjoy


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Sweet Peanut Tamales Image

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