Easy Menudo

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Easy Menudo Image

Easy Menudo


mayo 15, 2017

  • Prep: 12 hrs
  • Cook: 2 hrs 10 mins


1.5 lbs. of white beef stripe (menudo honeycomb), clean it and cut it into pieces of around 1 inch each.

1.5 lbs. of regular beef stripe (regular menudo) clean it and cut it into pieces of around 1 inch each.

1 ½ gallons of water

1 onion, cut into small pieces

4 cloves garlic

1 bay leaf

15 chili guajillo

1/5 tablespoon oregano

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 Epazote leaf

Salt to taste


1Wash the menudo with cold water.

2In a big pot (2 gallons), heat the water over medium heat. Add the menudo, onion, 4 garlic pieces, and bay, and let them cook for about 2 hours. Check the menudo is soft and not overcooked.

3Prepare the sauce. Clean the guajillo pepper, removing the tail and soak them within hot water for 12 to 24 hours, until they get soft.

4In a blender, blend the peppers with a cup of water (use the water that was used to soak them), 4 garlic pieces and oregano. Filter it. Add salt to taste.

5Add the sauce to the pot with menudo an cook it for about 10-20 minutes to let the sauce completely mix with the other ingredients.

6Serve the menudo with chopped onion and coriander.

7That’s it!


3 Reviews

Easy Menudo Image

evelina berumen

noviembre 25, 2018

I believe the proper word for the meat is tripe not stripe…

Easy Menudo Image


diciembre 13, 2017

I sure hope this comes out like the menudo you sell in your restaurant at your store on Troy Pike in Dayton! I am going to attempt to make this menudo this weekend!

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Tina cobb

octubre 5, 2017

It looks like a very easy recipe

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