Get to know the Mexican Recipe Cookbook by La Michoacana Meat Market.

Our cookbook consists of a list of food recipes, mainly Mexican, that is updated every week with new food that you can serve at your table.

It includes a great variety of types of Mexican food that can be served at different times (appetizer, main course, dessert). It even contains Mexican drinks.

Below we show you the type of food you can find inside our cookbook.


Something that you can easily find inside our Mexican Recipe Cookbook are the typical appetizers that are served over the Mexican tables.

This type of food includes the classic guacamole, even appetizers such as pico de gallo, broths and other foods that are served as starters.


Desserts are something that is quite popular in our Mexican Recipe Cookbook. Typical desserts such as fried plantains, even desserts such as the classic Mexican mosaic jelly.

And we continue adding new desserts to our recipe cookbook every week.


There are countless Mexican drinks, and that’s why our Mexican Recipe Cookbook can’t lack drinks.

Champurrado, horchata water, micheladas, and more drinks can be found within our recipe book.


A Mexican Recipe Cookbook that does not have taco recipes, isn’t really a Mexican recipe cookbook.

From tacos al pastor, vegetarian tacos, the typical Mexican steak tacos, and many other Mexican regional tacos.

Dishes and breakfasts

In addition to the above, you will find many other Mexican dishes that are very popular throughout Mexico.

Examples of this are the baked pork, Mexican stews, mexican style roast beef, chilaquiles, stuffed peppers, tortas ahogadas, among many other things.

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