It was December 2013, during a very busy day, past lunchtime, when a customer made a two-taco order to-go. Jerry prepared his orders, and while the customer was paying, Jerry went to his car and returned with a pair of shoes and hand them to the customer.

It was that moment that caught the attention of other employees (and customers as well). The client had torn shoes and Jerry, without question and as a sign of his great heart, gave him the extra pair he had in his car.

All this happened while I was not at the store. I heard about it through my wife, who was there when it happened. The next day, one of the cashiers told me about it as well.

When Jerry got to work that day, I thanked him for what he had done.

A couple of days, following the event, we had our Christmas party and Jerry was recognized for his act of generosity.

We thank the Seguin store manager, for sharing this history, which happened while he was working at our Wichita Falls location.

We are very proud that Gerald Vaela “Jerry” is still part of La Michoacana Meat Market.

Thank you for always putting the customer first!

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Rafael García

Seguin Store

The only symbol of superiority that I know is goodness


  • Juan Perez

    Inspiradora historia

  • Nelia

    Lot of smarts in that posntig!

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