Houston #49

I was visiting our store Houston #49 to buy refreshments for our Excel warehouse. My car was parked very far and as I was exiting the store, hard core rain begin to pour.

I had no clue it was going to rain, hadn’t even checked the weather that day. I had no jacket to cover up and had wore canvas cloth shoes, the kind that get wet very easily.

I waited a few minutes to see if the rain would calm down, but it will only got stronger. The cashier adviced me to put plastic bags over my shoes to avoid getting my feet wet. But not a second went by, when Bautista, a grocery stocker, offered to move my car near the store entrance so i wouldn’t get wet.

I could not believe it, and I replied “Are you sure?”. I stood in shock and gave him my keys, and as he moved my car, he left me with a big smile and I felt so grateful. Thanks to him, I didn’t have to return to work with wet feet and I didn’t get sick.

He did not have to do that, and still he did. I am very grateful of him and I hope he continuous to be part of the company because those are not ordinary actions.

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Pamela Murga

Recursos Humanos

El que no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir.

-Madre Teresa de Calcuta

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