Tacos de Bistec

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Tacos de Bistec Image

Tacos de Bistec


mayo 24, 2017

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins


2.5 lbs. beefsteak - in this recipe, we will make beefsteak tacos, but your Mexican tacos can be made of your preferred Mexican stew

2-3 kg of taco tortillas

2 tomatoes

3 garlic clove

½ onion

8 coriander branches

6 Serrano peppers

5 lemons




The steaks

1Rub your steaks with salt, and some pieces of mashed garlic (you can also add pepper to the mix). Let them settle for 20 minutes.

2Add enough oil to a frying pan and heat it for about 2 minutes over medium heat.

3Once the oil is hot, add 2 beef steaks and cook them without browning them too much. Use kitchen clamps to flip the steaks and to avoid splashing the oil (it is very hot!). Repeat this step until all your steaks get cooked.

4Once the steaks get cooked, it is time to chop them into tiny pieces.

The sauce and onion

1To prepare the sauce for your authentic Mexican taco recipe, boil 6 Serrano peppers with your 2 tomatoes, until they get cooked.

2Blend the peppers and tomatoes with two 2 garlic cloves, salt, and ¼ to ½ cup of the already boiled water. Put the sauce in a small container.

3Now, it is time to chop the onion and coriander branches into tiny pieces. Put them in a small container.

Make the tacos

1Heat the tortillas.

2Make each taco with two tortillas, and fill them with the chopped steak pieces.

3Add onion and sauce to taste on each taco. Some Mexicans like to add lemon and salt to each taco bite.

4That’s it!


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Tacos de Bistec Image

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