Fried Banana Dessert Image
Fried Banana Dessert Image

Fried Banana Dessert


enero 29, 2016átanos-fritos-con-crema-ingles.pdf

  • Prep: 35 mins
  • Cook: 40 mins


1 Stick of butter

6 Plantains

1/2 Cup of Brown sugar

1 Cup of sour cream


1Heat over medium-high heat a large skillet where there is enough space for all plantains

2Put butter until gets hot

3Add bananas to the pan and fry then until they get a bit golden

4Sprinkled with Brown sugar

5Serve on a plate and place the sour cream over plantains

6Your mexican fried banana dessert is ready. Enjoy!átanos-fritos-con-crema-shopping-list.pdf


1 Review

Fried Banana Dessert Image

Juan Pérez

febrero 5, 2016

¡Definitivamente lo intentaré!

Fried Banana Dessert Image

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