Chiles Rellenos

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Chiles Rellenos Image

Chiles Rellenos


octubre 12, 2017

  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Cook: 45 mins


4 poblano peppers

225 g of ground beef

1 chopped onion

1 clove garlic, chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

3 eggs, separated

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

2 minced saladette tomatoes

½ cup flour

1 cup corn oil


1Put the peppers directly on the flame or on a comal. Turn them frequently, until the skin has been burned. Remove them from the heat, place them in a plastic bag and let them sweat for a few minutes. This will allow you to peel them easily.

2Meanwhile, place the meat in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Stir it so it doesn’t stick together and to let it cook evenly. When the meat is cooked, add the onion, garlic and tomato. Cook for a few more minutes. Season with salt and add pepper to taste.

3Take the poblano peppers out of the bag and peel them. You should wear gloves. If you wish you can rinse them carefully with a stream of cold water to remove any burned piece. Make a vertical cut on one side of the peppers, taking care that they do not break, remove the seeds and the veins. Once cleaned, fill half with meat and the other half with cheese. Seal the opening with wooden toothpicks.

4Beat the eggs in a glass or metal container until you get a thick, fluffy consistency.

5Meanwhile, heat 1/2 cm of oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Pass the stuffed peppers in the flour and then dip them in the egg mixture until completely covered. Place it carefully in the hot oil and fry both sides until the egg turns a golden color. Drain the excess oil in paper towels and serve on a large plate.


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Chiles Rellenos Image

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