Mangonada Image
Mangonada Image


octubre 6, 2016

  • Prep: 10 mins


6 Mangoes

½ Cup of sugar

4 Limes

1 Cup of ice


Chili powder

1 Zumba pica tirolo


16 diced mangoes. Reserve the meat of a mango.

2Add the meat of the 5 mangoes in blender, add sugar, lime and ice and blend.

3Place the chamoy in to the glass, distributing it around the glass.

4Add mango mixture on each cup.

5Sprinkle chili powder

6Add a tablespoon mango previously reserve.

7Sprinkle more chili powder.

8Add some chamoy.

9Put one zumba pica tirolo on each cup.

10Your mangonada recipe is ready!


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Mangonada Image

Christina arechar

mayo 7, 2019

THEY are amazing

Mangonada Image

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