Piggy piggy bank with recycled bottles

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Piggy piggy bank with recycled bottles Image

If our children are learning the value of saving, nothing better than helping them with a recycled craftsmanship that allows them to save their money: a piggy piggy bank!

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Manualidades Infantiles

Material needed

1 plastic bottle
Pink or fuchsia silk paper
Pink and white cardboard
Vynil glue
Hot melt glue gun
A pink pipe cleaner
5 bottle caps (preferably pink)
Permanent black marker

Step by step

  • The first thing is to cut the bottle. We must cut the beak, and the bottom of the bottle about 12 cm from the base, ensuring that the circumference of the larger piece is greater than the smaller one. This will be achieved by cutting the peak in the area where it is widening, but has not yet reached the width of what would be the body of the bottle.
  • Cut the silk paper into squares and cover the two parts of the bottle, using a brush and vinyl glue.
  • Let it dry.
  • Make sure the two halves fit, the peak (the smaller part of the bottle) should go inside of the pig’s body.
  • We make a groove in the body to insert the coins.
  • Use the gun to glue four bottle caps at the sides of the body. These bottle caps should work as a support to keep the pig in place.
  • Wrap a piece of pipe cleaner on the finger and then glue it to the bottle as the tail of the pig.
  • Cut two pink cardboard ears and paste them as the ears of your pig.
  • Draw two eyes on the white cardboard and cut them, then paste them as the eyes of your pig.
Piggy piggy bank with recycled bottles Image
Piggy piggy bank with recycled bottles Image
Piggy piggy bank with recycled bottles Image