Dove With Paper Plate

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Dove With Paper Plate Image
This simple Dove of Peace is a perfect craft for many occasions: communions, class work on peace, etc. It is done in a few minutes, making it perfect for younger children.

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Material needed

  • Disposable paper plate (white color, preferably, since a dove of peace is white)
  • Markers (we will use light blue and orange colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil

Step by step

The first thing to do is to draw the silhouette of the dove in the center of the plate. We will also make two straight lines to the sides of the dove’s body. Notice how we did it in our picture below. (You can do it with a pencil so you can erase it if you make a mistake)

Use the scissors to trim everything you just drew.

Use the glue stick to paste the wings to the body.

Once your dove is glued, it is time to give the final touches with your markers. For starters, you can make a small triangle with the tip down to form the dove’s peak. You should do this with the orange marker.

Then make two legs in the lower part of the body. It will be enough if you draw two simple lines.

Finally, use the blue marker to make the eyes.

Dove With Paper Plate Image
Dove With Paper Plate Image
Dove With Paper Plate Image
Dove With Paper Plate Image