How to make a kite

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How to make a kite Image

The little ones will have fun making this creative and simple activity.

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Material needed

  • Light construction paper
  • Light wood rods
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • Tapee
  • Keel

Step by step

  • Take a large piece of construction paper that light or newspaper and a square on it.
  • Cut out the square using scissors or a utility knife type cutter.
  • Open the paper and put the wooden rod in the folid line the colum. If the roads are of different sizes, use the longest as the vertical and horizontal as shorter.
  • Put another rod horizontally, perpendicular to  the first rod on the center of the paper to the horizontal rod, angles of 90 degrees with the vertical rod. Make sure the vertical rod goes exactly through the center of the horizontal rod, to have the same distance on either side of the vertical rod.
  • Reinforce the two rods at the intersection with thread and tape. You may also want to use  super glue or silicone to ensure that the frame is securely attached.
  • Put the roads along the edges and glue the paper. Alternatively tie the wires to the two main rods connecting the corners and along the edges. Paste adhesive tape  and put the folded edges. Cut all the extra paper.
  • Having secured structure of the kite, reinforce by adding more tape on the edges and the center of the kite.
  • Make two holes in the paper that holds the vertical rod in the middle, a few centimeters above the central point to prepare to tie a thread to the rod.
  • Then use the  same method to make  two or more holes in the centerline.
  • Pass the thread using both pairs of holes and tie them to the road at each of its ends, leaving some slack, creating keel kite.
  • Use a strip of cloth tying it to the back of the kite to the kite tail.
  • Tie a long wire to the wire of the keel, wich you will hold to control and fly your kite. You must have it rolled into a wooden handle. Now your creation is ready to fly.
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image
How to make a kite Image